Sake cask breaking … Sake in wooden box… Japanese drum … And Mikoshi!
Right in the center of Shibuya, we are organizing music lives, DJ’s performances and private events in this underground Japanese style space.

Everyone can freely demonstrate his own talent in this place:
Art exhibition, Beat box, Pole dance, Aerial, Live painting…etc
Beyond boundaries, we can create various events like Japanese private parties, live house, or club in this brand new place!

Furthermore, we offer more than 50 kinds of carefully selected sake and Japanese style cocktails.
You can enjoy comfortably your drink and the music you like with our staff.

“It’s my friend’s birthday!”, “ My best friend is getting married!”,“ I want to organize an amazing farewell party for this guy who taught me everything”, “I want to bring my foreign friends to a fun place…”, “Anyway… I just want to carry the mikoshi!!”

What a day! Days like this, don’t you want to celebrate in good conditions and try to carry the mikoshi or break the sake cask for good omen!?

Constantly organizing events and festivals, and for you to enjoy an even more cheerful Shibuya, we are also supporting private parties planning and partnering with bands and DJ’s seeking for a place to perform. We aim to become “THE new power spot”.

Address: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Udagawa-cho, 30-5 Jow building B1F (In front of Udagawa-cho police station “Isomaru suisan” building)
TEL: 03-6455-0225.